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Pay Attention to Upcoming Trials

Dr. Taheri and the FGHC is now hosting clinical trials related to gastroenterology disease. Medications and medical devices we will be studying could be for inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis), iron deficiency anemia, peptic ulcers, and more! We hope to be able to provide our patients and the community with new potential treatments and with the best experience possible. In early 2016, Dr. Taheri was approached by Gastroenterology Research of America (GAME) to take part in phase II, III, and IV trials and she and her staff happily joined the team. Since then, we have been working closely to get more clinical trials. For upcoming studies please feel free to contact our clinical research coordinator for more information at 701-200-4760.

Current Trials

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To learn more about GAME and other potential studies at other GAME sites around the USA please visit their website www.gastroresearchers.com. 

GAME-Gastroenterology Research of America